Let’s try this again…

Bath Street
Overlooking the former Tent City at the intersection of Fallsway and Bath Street, October 2017 (Google Street View)

Over a year ago, I finished my graduate degree and decided to create a blog to continue my work on documenting and informing on unsheltered homelessness. I had never started a blog before but figured it couldn’t be that difficult…however, 13 months and only 13 posts later, I’ve struggled with what I want this space to be and how to create it while working full time, dealing with personal matters, and still helping people out when I can.

Therefore, I’m going to go back to the drawing board and take a “back to the basics” approach. The best part about life is the ability to evolve and change. I don’t feel like a failure – quite the opposite, actually, as I’ve had 806 unique visitors view my work! I want to write 3 categories of posts: stories, recommendations, public policy. A realistic goal is to write a weekly post on one of these 3 topics, which I’ll publish each Tuesday at 5 pm.

I’ve also figured out that “Last, Least, Lost” is a confusing and cumbersome name full of too much alliteration, so I’m going to try renaming it to The Unsheltered Homelessness Blog with a simpler URL: homelessness.blog. This separates my graduate work with the present and future direction this blog will take.

If you the reader have any ideas for my site, feel free to contact me! I’m open to suggestions.

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